Do you regularly know how other people feel?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed while out in public places?

Do you ever dread going out to events because of emotional overload?

Have you ever had depression, anxiety or panick attacks?

Do you regularly sense the "truth" behind what people are saying?

Have you ever just "known" what was going to happen in the future?

Have you been guided to being in a certain place at a certain time?

Have you ever had dreams that have then come true in daily life?

Do you see specific sets of numbers at regular intervals throughout the day?

Have you ever known to "avoid" going somewhere, to later find out why!?

Can you see the emotions and pasts in people that you have never met before?

Do you need regular alone time?

Do people regularly confide in you and tell you about their problems?

Have you had people say "I've never told anyone this before..."?

Do you naturally find yourself helping others who are suffering?

Do you feel drained and tired when interacting with certain people?

Have you experienced mood swings that appear unrelated to events happening in your life?

In just 7 simple steps, you will get...

        (first 3 modules for only $9)

>  1. Empath 101 For Beginners

I will take you through the many signs you can look out for if you are trying to discover whether or not

you are an Empath!

> 2. Elemental Empaths

Discover what kind of elemental empath you are by using nature's elements.

Are you earth, air, water or fire?

> 3. Empath Empowerment

Learn how to become an Empowered Empath with protection lessons & discover why your empathy is

actually a super hero skill!


> 4. Listening To Your Intuiton

Learn how to clear emotions from your body and reconnect with your empath wisdom!

>5. Becoming Heart-Led

Discover why your heart is your biggest asset and why you are living on the planet as a highly sensitive being!

>.6 Developing Your Empath Abilities

Discover which empath abilities you harbour inside and learn how to activate them and use them wisely!

>7. Align With Your Higher Purpose

All Empath's are here for a reason and it's now time

to tune into the purpose your higher self is guiding you towards!

> Bonus Module 1

Empath Protection Meditation

> Bonus Module 2

Empath Personal Reading








I, like you, no longer wanted to suffer the painful infliction of being an Empath. Finding myself overwhelmed when I attended public events or drained after speaking to a friend who was going through a tough time in life.

I wanted to find a solution so that I could feel "normal" and I wanted to understand why I seemed to be so overly sensitive!

I wish I'd had know other people who were sensitive like me and I wish I'd had a course that could guide me to finding my strength as an Empath.

That's why as part of Empath 101 I will give you access to my Empath 101 Facebook Group where you can meet others JUST LIKE YOU!

Like-minds and souls are so important when you are a bit "different" and I believe that in order to become a successful fully fledged, super powered Empath, you simply MUST have friends who "get" exactly where you are at. Friends who can offer you the genuine understanding and support that many people simply can't!

Once you sign up you will be given access to the Empath 101 videos and worksheets. There is no hurry to "get there" take the time to delve into the material and reveal true yourself at your own pace.

Empath 101 would sell for $197 but as an introductory offer I am giving you the opportunity to discover how to become an Empowered Empath by giving you the first 3 modules of my course for only $9! so make sure you sign up now!

I discovered that there were many people like me who simply did not know that what they were experiencing was something amazing!

The majority of the people in the world do not understand "feelers" or "kinesthetic" souls and also, more importantly, there are hardly any Empath mentors or teachers out there to help sensitives understand what they may be experiencing.

We no longer have Empath Elders who could pass down their knowledge and give us tools to help us live full and undiluted lives where we don't have to hide away just to make sense of the world!

Navigating the world as an Empath is difficult growing up, especially if you are the only one in your family, and just as hard as an adult if you haven't learnt how to transcend the overload of energies into "powers" just yet!

Are You A Struggling Sensitive?

If you experience any of the following, you could be an Empath...

If this sounds like you, then you have most probably been struggling everyday with "psychic information overload".   Empath 101 will help you to understand what kind of Empath you naturally are AND give you tips and tricks on diminishing the flow of energies that come your way PLUS help you to develop your natural Empath talents and skills so that you can become a fully fledged Empath Super Hero!

My Empath 101 Course Will Teach You...

Empath 101 is an instant-access, interactive and in depth short course designed to help you understand your Empath talents. It will teach you how you can strengthen your abilities in a way that will enable you to live an extraordinary life!

As a highly sensitive person I want to help you to take control of your "powers", learn how to protect yourself from outside influences and get clear on who you really are!

I want you to surrender your beliefs for a moment and delve into this course with your heart and mind wide open. It's time to release you from the sensitivity traps you have found yourself in and find your purpose as an intuitive empathic person.

Inside Empath 101 you will...

...delve deep into the inner workings of your soul, helping you to reveal the hidden potential of your empath nature. You will learn to...

No More Hiding!

As an Empath, we tend to hide ourselves away due to the bombardment of energies we absorb.   I want this course to help alieviate any anxiety you may feel when you go out into what can potentially be stressful situations so that you can live the life you are destined to live and experience life as the fully fledged highly sensitive, yet strong and empowered Empath!

Heart-Led Sensitives...

The above quote signifies what an Empath is to me in the fullest regard. Empath's are heart-led Sensitives who at many times feel that the world is an overwhelming place. Somewhere unsafe and intrusive. A place where an truly sensitive person cannot walk around freely without absorbing outside energies.

Many Empaths can end up feeling depressed, have anxiety attacks and even feel physical pains due to their highly sensitive nature.

However, there is more to being an Empath than painful experiences!

Your secret as a highly sensitive empathic person is that your sensitivity is much more important than you realise!

What can appear to be a debilitating curse is actually a super hero power just waiting to mature!


I know that it's hard to believe that something which can be a painful experience to many is actually a hidden transformational power that can be used to heal yourself AND that's why I decided to bring you

my online ecourse, Empath 101.

As a young Empath, I would often feel bombarded by a variety of feelings that would leave me feeling confused and overwhelmed. I was always a sensitive child and called "over emotional" many times in the years I was growing up.

When I discovered that there were others like me who could feel energies and even tap in future events. People who could interpret dreams and sense blockages in other people's energies.

I finally realised that I wasn't alone!

I'm going to make it easy for you. I'm going to give you my full support!

I’m NOT just going to give you a few tips and tricks…

…I’m going to take you step-by-step through the entire course so you can be well on your way to becoming an Empowered Empath in no time!

Soon, YOU will be the one sharing your super power success story!

And YOU will have taken your power back...

Soon YOU will be able to protect yourself in minutes….

You will be able to create an energy field that radiates FROM YOU rather than one that absorbs like a sponge…

But to do it, you’ll need my short Empath 101 course to get you started!

Shine Your Light!

“Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind .”


Yes, I Want In!

There is a stronger, more dynamic and vibrant version of you just

standing there waiting for you to embrace him or her.  Empath 101 will

bring you these easy to follow steps bringing you closer to your true

self!  The choice is can keep doing what isn't working or

you can try something new!

*Easy to follow lessons - watch the video or simply listen to the audio

*Easily accessible 24/7 access from any device

*Worksheets to track your progress

*30 day money back guarantee for any reason

...start for just $97 $9. Click the Add To Cart button now for instant access!


Risk Free!

We want you to know that if you are not happy with your purchase of Empath 101 for any reason, simply email us and we'll happily refund your money within 30 days of purchase!

I want you to live the life you were truly mean to live as the powerful healer that you are. It's time to stop struggling as a sensitive person and start thriving as the Empowered Empath you are meant to be!

In 3 easy lessons you will start to break free from the old limiting patterns that have been holding you back and find new meaning in what it means to be empathic and sensitive.

You will feel more at ease in public places, have a stronger sense of self, stop feeling overwhelmed in noisy environments and start to thrive around people and places that you would have normally avoided in the past!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q.  Why should I Upgrade to the full course?

A. Upgrading to the full course only costs an extra $38 and you then get access to the whole course and the live weekly Q&A calls with me where you can ask me any questions and dive deeper into learning about what being an Empath really means!

Q.   Is there a guarantee?

A.  Yes..if you are unhappy with the results you achieve from delving into Empath 101, we will refund your money within 30 days of purchase. We obviously hope that you will learn so much that your days spend in    hyper sensitivity will be knocked on the head and you will be feeling more vibrant and on purpose than ever before. But for your peace of mind, know our guarantee keeps you safe.

Q.   How long will it take to complete Empath 101?

A.  It will take as long as you wish. All the modules contain a short video. Each video is less than 10 minutes long. The worksheets can be filled in at your leisure and the meditations can be done as many times as you require. You should be able to complete the course within a week, but don't worry if it takes you longer than this. Sensitive people need to take things in their own good time and this course reflects that!

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Q.   How do I know if I am an Empath?

A.  If you feel that any of the descriptions above have related to you at any time in your life and particularly in childhood, then you are most probably an Empath. In truth, we are all Empath's of some kind it's just there are some of us who are more in tune with this type of psychic awareness. No matter where you fall on the scale, as a sensitive person, you will benefit from Empath 101's lessons.

Q.   Why only $9 to start this course?

A. Because I want the course to be available to all empathic beings  and there are many Empath's needing help to raise their vibration so that they can do the work they are here to do at this time, which is to raise the energy of the heart. This is BIG work and something that requires as many Empath's as possible to be activated and not hidden away with blockages with closed heart chakra's of their own. So this puts this important information in everyone's hands AND it makes sure you are dedicated to going through the course. I've learnt from experience that when you charge for something the people who are dedicated to make change take action and it gets rid of those who were never going to go the distance in the first place!

Limited Time Only $9