"The understanding and insight Gail provided me with is ‍amazing! I now trust my path, the good and the bad, even if it's not what I thought it was going to be or should be.

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"I realise that I am sceptical sometimes when it comes to other healers so I was curious to see what Gail had to say.  I must confess that she absolutely blew me away!

"I loved Gail's to the point, no fuss explanations and warm and humorous approach to coaching. She surprised me with some insights that really made me think and I am trying to incorporate these into my life. I am looking forward to booking more sessions. Thank you Gail for your fab soul coaching!" ~ Sabine

Everyone has a Money Blocks Blueprint!

This blueprint can create unlimited financial success in your life OR...what happens more often...a life where lack is often felt much more than abundance.

Money, as an energy, is neutral and since the Universe is always conspiring to help you evolve and grow into your fullest also wants you to grow into financial abundance.

The real reason you haven't tapped into your financial flow yet is that you have a money blueprint that reflects your PAST not your POTENTIAL!


What would if you could transform your current Money Blocks Blueprint?

What if you can release yourself from your limited beliefs about money and finally allow more money into your life?

What if it was easy to tune into your money flow and manifest more money and abundance?

What if you decided right now to finally transform your relationship with money?

If you are ready to up-level your money blueprint check out the video below!


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From the comfort of your own home

1-2-1 Coaching on your personal Money Blocks

Reset your Finance Foundation & create your Financial Flow

Uncover & release your Karmic Money Blocks

Release Toxic Money Patterns

Gain intuitive insights on your specific money generation calling!

Powerful Money Manifesting tools & tips

Design your new ALIGNED Money Blueprint

Gain perspective on your Money Blocks with powerful Group Work

Discover More About My "Money Block's MASTERCLASS SERIES"


our love-ability, our self worth and our alignment AND to witness how this directly affects our money manifesting power!

More and more of my clients are seeking their financial flow and so I decided to share the work I've only previously done with my 1-2-1 clients, with more of you.

The tools that you will learn on my Money Blocks Blueprint MASTERCLASS SERIES will take you from the principal foundation of money to the unlimted potential YOU hold in the creation of money!


You have your own financial flow where, once you are aligned, YOUR money is there simply waiting for you to claim it.

Now...I'm not saying it won't take work...but I am saying that the work you think you NEED to do is mostly money DOGMA.

Let's bring some grounded spirituality back into your vibration and allow the money that's waiting for you to flow easily from the ether into your 3D reality!




Hey, it's Gail here,

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The first and most simple way to check your money blocks is to ask yourself how you feel about money?

Is money something that makes you feel abundant or is your default reaction to the thought of money one of lack?

If you feel uncomfortable around money then you most likely have some kind of money block.


Beyond this, we need to dive deeper into your subconscious programming because our childhood environment has added a huge amount towards our issues with money.

This influence will most likely not be totally apparent to you on the surface


You can still have money blocks even if you make good to great money in your eyes.

Issues can still show up such as only being able to get to a certain amount and not beyond or, like many fast tracked lottery millionaires, you lose it because whilst you aligned with receiving the money, you haven't yet fully aligned with the vibration of YOU as a money magnet!


Working on releasing your money blocks can transform your money blueprint from one of lack to one where you can finally create a life where money is a natural and free flowing.

How do I know if I have Money Blocks?

Who is it for?

The Money Blocks Blueprint MASTERCLASS SERIES is for anyone who is ready to clear their conditioning around money, spend four hours looking at the foundation of their money with me, dare to look at their conditioning around money AND who are ready to go next level in their ability to create wealth and abundance.


The Money Blocks Blueprint Workshop is for anyone who is DONE with repeating negative money cycles,

continued lack of funds, toxic emotions around money and karmic money influences from your family line.

How Does it Work?

During this three part ONLINE MASTERCLASS SERIES we will be looking at your money foundation.

This means we look at your money as it is now and take responsibility for where your money energy is leaking!


We then look at your money in terms of nurture and growth.

It's essential that you use your money not just for survival...but to also enhance your well being and next level living!

If you are always in survival mode then the chances of you vibrating at an abundant level are NIL!


You will transform your Money Blocks Blueprint by rewiring your limiting money beliefs and weeding out any toxic subconscious programming placed in your energy field by parents, other caregivers and even by society at large.


Finally, you will learn to trust your intuitive money guidance system and uncover the steps you need to take to create and maintain your own money flow!

What Can I Expect To Achieve?

By the end of the Money Blocks Blueprint - Masterclass Series you will:



Have learned tools & techniques that will help you to reprogram your current money blueprint


Understand & reframe to the wounded parts of your money psyche and learn how to align yourself with your own money flow


Have strategies in place for the times when lack is knocking at your door!


Know how to take responsibility for your money as well as taking the action steps you need keeping you motivated and aligned


Be able to easily pin point your recurring money blocks and transform those unwanted toxic repeating money patterns in your life!

Hear from some of Gail's Clients...

Her intuitive guidance and tips were really spot on, she tapped in my patterns and the issues I wanted to work on and gave me amazing insights which led to amazing realisations.

I really resonated with her message and her perception of things, the way she presents the issues and her explanations. Pure gold for my (sometimes) analytical mind.

Really deep work, extremely valuable for this time and age.

I really look forward to connect with her more and shed some more layers of this beautiful onion :)" ~ George

I have learned to be more open minded and to see things in new ways and that includes the possibility of positive new experiences. Gail can help you look at things a different way so that you can benefit more life experiences, instead of feeling overwhelmed or deflated." ~ Russ

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Are you ready for your money!?

The Money Blocks Blueprint MASTERCLASS SERIES is valued at £497

If you opt in NOW you can access my entire Money Blocks Blueprint MASTERCLASS SERIES for only £197! is energy and when it comes to increasing money flow, you need to invest it in order for it to flow back!

Money requires both Masculine action taking energy AND receptive allowing feminine energy.

Without the action taking energy of putting money towards your growth and the receptive energy of receiving MORE...literally becoming a container for money...your money CANNOT grow!

The Money Blocks Blueprint program will not only help you to clear your toxic money issues, it will also give you peace of mind and and faith in your ability to create more abundance in your life!

Let's clean up your money blocks and create financial freedom...


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Clear Your Money Blocks Now!







Working with the foundation of the Inner Child has also helped me to see the many ways we have been programmed around


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