Your Soul Retreats give you a warm and nurturing experience where you can lay your fears, limiting beliefs and past or present troubles far behind you!

We encourage a like minded, spiritual family environment where you can open up to your fullest and deepest self, enabling you to finally hear the longings of your heart and soul with crystal clarity.

Our retreats happen in the UK and Europe in a selection of hand picked villas deep in the heart of nature, surrounded by hills, forests or the sea as we believe that the healing power of nature is paramount in your unveiling and healing.

Each retreat spans across 5 to 7 days with each covering a specific topic so make sure to take a look at our Events page to select the retreat that suits the healing that you require at this moment.

All of our retreats supply a plant based vegan diet, fresh live juices and a selection of snacks* (*apart from our juice detox retreats)

All prices include accommodation and catering only. Flights must be purchase separately. Transfers from local airports may be available on request.

We can’t wait to meet you and support you on your journey to revealing the true essence of you!



Join us for 7 days of reawakening in the deliciously green hills of Catalonia, Spain.

During this 7 day retreat we will be stripping you clear of the energetic blocks that are holding you back from becoming the passionate and glowing person you are meant to be!

You will be surrounded by the healing sounds, smells and sights of nature, eating delicious & nutritious plant based foods that will keep you nourished and vibrant and accompanied by like minded souls who are on the same path to awakening to their true self and destiny.

Topics will include:

Healing Family Time Lines

Past Life Exploration

Future Life Progressions

Powerful Healing Meditations

Recognising Your Soul Voice V Ego Voice

Loving & Healing The Ego

Healing through Music, Movement, Yoga & Connecting to Nature

Clearing energy blockages with Reiki, Massage, Essential oils, Plant Based Diet, Muscle Testing & EFT

Also includes Walks, Day Trips & Raw Chocolate Making Session!

Early Bird Price £1275 if paid by 25th May

You save £222!

Regular price £1497

Payment options include 3 monthly payments of £499 (contact us for more details)

For couple discounts please contact us at [email protected]

Flights & Transfers NOT included!