Soul Voice V Ego Voice

“Listen To Your Own Voice, Your Own Soul. Too Many People Listen To The Noise Of The World, Instead Of Themselves.”

~ Leon Brown

Your Soul has a voice. It speaks in a quiet whisper. It’s not that it doesn’t dare to shout. It’s just it knows that the only way you will really listen to it is when you go to meet it is when you realise you need it. Your Soul Voice resides in the spaces and quiet places and it speaks the poetry of the heart.

This is the voice that knows all your fullest potentials in this lifetime. It knows where you have been and what you have been through and it still tells you, you are here to do more, to be more, to grow!

In this workshop we will be focusing on quietening the ego mind and reconnecting you with your Soul Voice so that you can start to understand the teachings of your heart and the calling of your soul to the betterment of your life and the lives of others. 








Healing Your Family Time Lines

”The Way To Help You Heal The World Is You Start With Your Own Family” 

~ Mother Teresa

Before we arrive on this planet we choose our family. We choose our parents and our culture, our circumstances, both negative and positive, so that we may grow and realise our fullest potentials...but that is only one part of the story. 

We also come here and choose our particular families so that we may heal the whole!

We are here to realise and release the conditioning we have collected and brought forward FROM the generations before us.

We are the ones who are being asked to become conscious of the woundings, limiting beliefs and ego structures within our families so that the generations behind us heal and the generations before us evolve into awakened consciousness. 

It’s a big task, but you have been given all the tools you need to heal this lightworker!

In this workshop we will look at the family time lines of both parents and find out where the evolutionary healing point is that lies within you, that you may awaken and release any family conditioning that you may be holding. 

Healing The Inner Child

“Don’t ignore your suffering, but don’t forget to enjoy the wonders of life”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Your inner child is still very much a part of you. It never leaves you and it’s always calling for your loving attention. Particularly the loving attention you, as a child, never received from your care givers and elders. 

Also, as adults we tend to forget out Soul Child nature and put creativity, play and anything remotely fun to bed.  

In order to heal the inner child within us we are the ones who need to take responsibility for our child’s happiness. 

In this workshop you will discover the many blocks you have created that prevent you from hearing your inner child and you will discover how to recognise when your inner child is calling for your attention.

All Workshops £25 each